The Most Annoying Thing About Stay-At-Home Moms vs. Working Moms

In our exclusive, nationwide survey of stay-at-home and working mothers (and a few fathers), this is what each side said about the other

by MORE/Citi Survey
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Survey respondents say the most annoying thing about stay-at-home mothers is...

"They think they are better moms."

"They don't understand why some women must work full time even when they have children."

"They don't have a clue what is going on out there."

"They seem to judge others for not staying home."

"They revert to acting like they are still in junior high."

"Their sense of superiority for their choice to stay at home."

"They are financially secure enough to stay at home. Not all of us are that fortunate."

"They stick around school too much."

"They invite me to daytime activities knowing that I have a full-time job."

"They have lost their ambition and pretend to be busier than they are."

"They do not understand the lack of flexibility working full time means for other activities."

"They can be overinvolved in their children's lives."

"They do not appreciate that I do the majority of things that they do in much less time."

Survey respondents say the most annoying thing about working mothers is...

"They aren't at home enough."

"How they expect stay-at-homes to pick up the slack for them."

"Their kids suffer."

"They think they can or should be able to do it all."

"They think stay at home moms are lazy."

"They are always tired."

"They use the excuse they have to work to avoid being involved in their children's lives."

"They're always rushing."

"The kids get the brunt of the stress from the workplace taken out on them."

"Someone else is raising their children."

"When some assume stay-at-home moms aren't as educated."

"Most look down on stay-at-home moms."

"Some are snobs."

"They never contribute anything but money."

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First published in the April 2013 issue

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