6 Perks Executive Women Can Negotiate at Work

You already know the basics: Salary? You'd better be negotiating. Vacation? Also on the table. In fact, here are five things beyond your paycheck you can negotiate on the job, at pretty much any level

by Nancy Mann Jackson • LearnVest.com
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Depending on your company’s retirement offerings, you may be able to negotiate for accelerated vesting in a pension plan (though likely not for your 401(k), due to restrictions in the Employee Retirement Income Security Act). But Cohen says youcan negotiate vesting in restricted stock and stock options, an exercise that’s quite common for senior executives.

How to Get It: Start by finding common ground between your request and your employer’s needs. For instance, if having restricted stock options would encourage you to help build a stronger, more highly valued company (and you are in a position to do so), explain how that’s a positive result for both of you. Also, point out that stock options offer a way for the company to increase your earnings package without taking any money out of the payroll account. And be ready to show how your contributions are worth the extra earnings.

Christensen’s contributions to the organizations she’s worked for have led to higher company valuations on several occasions—a point she’s used in negotiations. “It makes sense [for employers] to include incentives toward that goal,” she says. “When it comes right down to it, it’s about knowing your value and being willing to be completely transparent about it.”

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