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Jennifer Braunschweiger
Photograph: Photo: Phil Toledano

• 45% of women earning $100,000+ say flexible hours are one of their top two criteria for an ideal working environment

• Flextime is a top-two requirement for 27% of all women, second only to on-site childcare at 29%

• Male boss or female boss? 67% of women over age 18 say they don’t care. 73% of women ages 35 to 44 also don’t care. But 13% of women over 18 would prefer a woman boss, and 19% would prefer a man

• 86% of women believe it should be up to the individual employer to offer flextime. They don’t want a government mandate

• Older women feel even more strongly: 94% of women 55 to 64 think a flexible schedule should be left to a company’s discretion

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