Top 10 Eco-Friendly Office Supplies

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Back up and save your files in style. This sleek flash drive is cased in bamboo, a biodegradable renewable resource that doesn’t need pesticides or fertilizers to grow. 4GB Bamboo USB Flash Drive, $24.99,
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When 30 days hath September, don’t let your calendar go to waste. This recycled paper is embedded with wildflower seeds that only take 6-8 weeks to bloom. Handmade Plantable Calendar, $28,
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This stapler’s futuristic design is as innovative as the product it creates. With a quick cut-and-fold, up to five pieces of paper can be bound together. Going staple-free makes it easier to recycle and shred your documents. Never worry about running out of staples again! Staple-Free Stapler, $17.25,
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Brand yourself using customized business cards. Using 100 percent recycled paper, these cards take the environment extra seriously by using soy and vegetable-based ink, which is less harmful to the environment than typical petroleum-based ink. Starting at $29.50 for 250 cards,
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Reduce the impact of your trips to the water cooler with compostable cups. These 16 oz. cups may look like they are made from plastic, but they come from the great outdoors, made from 100 percent U.S. grown corn. Eco-Products Compostable Cups, $10.99,
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This all-encompassing 30-piece kit is advertised for students, but is a must for anyone looking to keep their desk more organized. Each kit contains a binder, replaceable covers, folders, notebooks, CD holders and more, all made from locally sourced, 100 percent recycled cardboard. Green School Supply Kit, $40,
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Everyone’s favorite sticky note just got a little greener. As part of Post It’s "Buy One, Plant One" campaign, a tree will be planted in an American forest for every package purchased and registered from the new Greener Notes line. The sticky notes are available in four colors and made from 100 percent recyclable paper. Plus, thanks to a plant-based adhesive, they can also be recycled. Post-It Recycled Pastel Notes, $15.99/dozen,
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The next time you see the low ink warning on your printer, consider the consequences of a new cartridge. New cartridges require 1 gallon of oil to produce, while remanufactured ones save fossil fuels with 45 percent post-consumer recycled materials. Remanufactured Ink Cartridge, $14.99,
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Keep your home office cool and costs low with this easy-to-install thermostat. Reduce your energy costs by 33 percent by programming up to four periods per day with separate settings for weekends. Honeywell 5-1-1- Day Programmable Thermostat with Backlight, $39.99,
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Write with a clean conscience-using at least 70 percent recycled materials-with Pilot’s new BeGreeN range of pens and markers. The pen’s transparent grip shows how much ink is left so you know when to buy a refill. BeGreeN Precise V5, $5.20, MORE: How to Carry an ID Badge? 10 Great Cases MORE: Home Office Furniture Under $200
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Shane Mitchell11.30.2012

We found every USB drive made up off plastics and steel, but for the very first time I experience a 4GB Bamboo USB Flash Drive, it looks more stylish than plastic and steel Flash Drives and also available in a reasonable price.

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