Virtual Office - What is it?

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Defined by, “virtual office” is a “mobile or remote work-environment equipped with telecommunication links, but without a fixed office space.” – also known as hoteling. Someone who has a virtual office might work from home or on the road or have a business that does not need to have a "physical" location – in other words, their products and services can be sold over the phone and internet and there is no need to drive to an "office."

The Office Business Center industry coined the phrase "virtual office" to mean a "professional corporate presence without the physical space". This means that the client can have someone answer their phones live during normal business hours and use the address of the business center as their own business address. The purpose is to give the client a professional identity. Home addresses and cell phones on business cards and letterhead sometimes give the wrong first impression. It’s not that the client is trying to be something that they are not; in fact, it shows their prospects/clients that they are a "serious" business.

Virtual offices have become an economical way to establish a new business, grow out of a home office or set up a satellite location for a big business. There are close to 5000 business centers worldwide that offer the virtual office service. There are virtual office providers who have locations all over the world, as well as locally owned operations in your home town. Either way, you can have a business address and phone number within 24 hours in most locations. For more information about the industry, you can visit OBCAI.

To find a virtual office provider, simply do a Google search for "virtual office" + "your city" and you should come up with some choices OR just ask me and I can point you in the right direction.

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