Visibility In Numbers: Black Women In America

Stats on education, work, business ownership.

By Rebecca Webber
Photograph: Photo by Istock

414,472—number of businesses owned by black women
Source: National Women’s Business Council

1,203—number of doctoral degrees earned by black women in 2007 (up almost 50 percent from 10 years earlier)
Source: National Opinion Research Center

number of black women who have served in the U.S. House of Representatives—including 14 currently in office
Source: Congressional Research Service Report for Congress  

1–number of black women who have served in the Senate (Carol Moseley Braun, Democrat of Illinois, 1993 to 1999)
Congressional Research Service Report for Congress

number of black women employed as professors at degree-granting institutions
Source: National Center for Education Statistics

15,139—number of black female physicians in the country
Source: American Medical Association

345—number of black women law partners in the country (just over one half of one percent of the total)
Source: National Association for Law Placement

African-American women are a major force in the Obama administration: The New Face of D.C. Power. But will their success help other, less visible black women break down doors in the workplace? Don’t miss Teresa Wiltz’s special report, An Obama Effect for Black Women?

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