What's Holding You Back From a Big Career Move?

The author of "Act Three" says you should figure out why you're stymied and look for work-arounds

by Richard Eisenberg
act three book cover image
Photograph: Julie Shifman

So you’re in your 50s or 60s and thinking it’s time to take a big step in your career.
Maybe you’ve spent years raising your family, the kids are out of the house and you’re ready to go back to paid work (or to get a paying job for the first time). Perhaps you have an itch to start a business. Or to switch careers.
But you’re not doing any of those things. What’s holding you back?
Julie Shifman knows.
A Cincinnati-based career consultant and one of my favorite Next Avenue writers about work and volunteering, Shifman just published Act Three: Create the Life You Want, which has an excellent chapter about the reasons behind the paralysis and how to blow past them. Although the book is aimed at women who had careers (Act One), were then full-time mothers (Act Two) and are now ready for their next act, much of her advice is useful for anyone eager to make a big career move, but stymied.
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I caught up with Shifman while she was in New York City, and we discussed the subject.
Next Avenue: You call some of the things that hold people back “pre-existing conditions.” What do you mean by that?

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