Working Mom Finds a Way to Make Extra Money

Judy Marrazzo couldn't attend all of her daughter's college campus visits. So she set up a company for time-pressed parents like her

by Amy Zipkin • Next Avenue
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Judy Marrazzo
Photograph: Judy Marrazzo

Judy Marrazzo wasn't looking to launch a part-time, second business at this time last year. For two decades, she kept plenty busy as co-owner of the East Norwich, N.Y., advertising agency named after her husband and business partner, Paul Jann.

But last summer her Villanova University-bound daughter, Maxine, inspired Marrazzo to create goCAMPUSing, a new venture that offers college tours to high-school students. The fledgling firm has quickly blossomed into a successful business as well as a fulfilling personal adventure. "This is the East Coast's premier college tour company," says Marrazzo, 57. “It’s also refreshing to take a concept and bring it to fruition.”

It started when Maxine began looking at colleges and Marrazzo couldn't always take time off from work to accompany her. Thinking other parents might be equally time-pressed, Maxine organized a Girl Scouts community service project that took high-school students on a $225 overnight bus trip to six colleges in Delaware and Pennsylvania — with Marrazzo as chaperone.

As the tour ended, Marrazzo realized she could turn college tours into a part-time business. After developing a marketing and business plan, she opened goCAMPUSing and has joined nearly 300 students on 11 excursions to date. Four more campus trips are planned through August.

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