4 Great New Tools to Manage Your Money

These websites and financial products can help you cut debt, pay off student loans and aid family members

by Richard Eisenberg • Next Avenue
credit sesame image
The Finovate conference featured such money tools as Credit Sesame.
Photograph: CreditSesame.com

We know that managing your money isn’t easy, and it's generally not much fun. But I’ve just learned about four new tech tools for your computer and smartphone that can relieve the pain. Better yet, they can help you cut debt, access records smoothly and securely and assist a family member in a financial jam.
I discovered the tools at Finovate, an annual financial-technology trade show in New York City, where dozens of entrepreneurs demonstrate their offerings to prospective customers, investors and the media.
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Here are my favorites:
For Managing Debt
Credit Sesame One of eight demonstrations rated “Best of Show” by the Finovate audience, Credit Sesame is a one-stop website where you can get a handle on your debt and lower your loan and credit-card payments. After you answer a few simple verification questions, up pops your personalized “credit dashboard” created by Stanford University, which is pretty cool.
The dashboard gives you a simple, visual snapshot that shows your free Experian credit score (you can get an updated one here monthly), how well you’re managing debt, the value of your home (if you have one), how much you’re overpaying on your loans and credit payments, the amount you could save by refinancing, and alternative loans and cards to shave your debt. (Hmmm, looks like I could save a boatload by refinancing my mortgage.)
Just for fun, you can also see how your debts compare with your peers', which could give you bragging rights or added incentive to tackle your credit issues.
The site won’t provide a free credit report, though. You can get that at annualcreditreport.com or pay $9 for it at CreditSesame.com.

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