9 Beliefs About Money That Can Hold You Back

We examine nine money beliefs and why they can be harmful

by Jane Bianchi • LearnVest.com
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3. “Everyone else is luckier than I am.”
Once again, you’re choosing to play the victim, and likely not just when it comes to your money. “You’re in the backseat of the car, so to speak, and you’re letting someone else navigate the course of your life,” says Dr. Walfish. “You have to realize that you’re in the driver’s seat.”

Blaylock agrees. “There is some degree of luck in the world, sure. But financial success is most often a result of determination and self-awareness,” he says. For instance, maybe your house burned down and you’re suddenly in a money mess. Did that happen because you’re unlucky? Or did that happen because you never planned ahead and bought home insurance or created an emergency fund?

“No matter how wealthy you are, you are always going to experience things that you didn’t count on. If you create a financial cushion, then you’ll be ready if and when things go bad,” says Blaylock.

4. “I can’t save for an emergency fund on this salary.”
You can, as long as you make it a priority. “Oftentimes we think that we have to set aside huge sums of money to save, but that’s not true,” says Blaylock. “Even if you set up an automatic transfer of a small amount, like $50 a month, to a savings account, at the end of the year, that’s $600.”

Many people think of spending as addictive, but Blaylock says that saving can be equally addictive. “When you look at your growing balance, you’ll feel rewarded. Momentum builds. You’ll want to keep feeling rewarded, so you’ll be motivated to look for even more ways to save,” he says.

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