Are You a Sucker for Cash-Back Credit Card Offers?

Rebates and signing bonuses of $100 or more are mighty tempting, but these cards can cost you more than you realize

by Lani Luciano • Next Avenue
glasses on top of credit application image

If the words “free money” are music to your ears, credit card companies are playing your song. But grabbing cards that offer cash-back rewards and signing bonuses could create problems for your finances.
While points and privileges still abound, card issuers these days are increasingly wooing prospective customers with cold, hard cash. Some dangle bonuses of $100 or more for enrolling.

The incentives won’t make you rich, but you don’t have to be Gordon Gekko to find them tempting.
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Why Free Money Offers Hook Us
“Everybody likes something for nothing,” says Olivia Mellan, a psychotherapist in Washington, D.C., who specializes in financial issues. “But it goes deeper than that. Money means love, power, control and security.”

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