How Not to Talk to Your Adult Child About Money

7 hot-button topics that could lead to conflict if you're not careful

by Linda Bernstein • Next Avenue

In hindsight, I realize I never should have said it. Especially on Facebook, where I’m “friends” with my kids, their cousins, their second cousins and some of their friends. My transgression: I made a passing comment about how young people today seem to think weekend partying means racking up huge bar tabs, not BYOB-ing at a friend’s apartment.
My kids saw it and called me — then they called me on the carpet. They felt judged. I apologized and promptly deleted the post.
And yet it’s true: A lot of our grown-up children have a totally different attitude toward money than we did at their age (and even now). When I was a flat-broke twentysomething, come Saturday night we’d all chip in to buy some cheap wine. We’d drink out of jelly glasses and eat pizza in front of the TV. Bars and clubs were beyond our means.
Sometimes our kids make us crazy with their $50 bottles of Châteauneuf-du-Papes and blasé attitudes about credit card debt. But telling them what we think is a perfect way to start a fight.
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Say What?
So what are concerned parents supposed to do: speak up and risk an argument or keep our mouths shut and watch the potential train wreck?

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