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Sometimes it’s hard to tell when you’re sincerely blocked by a particular situation that once removed would allow you to move forward. I like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, but I’m finding that in most cases when you remove the block they still do nothing. This is very sad and at the same time, I realize that it is the major contributor to 97% of the wealth in the world being held by 3% of the people.? 

Why does this happen?

Let me give you 3 common explanations for lack of follow through.

Before I do, let me just say that these are excuses, not acceptable reasons and you are still responsible for each of these possible choices you make in your life.

Lack of Follow Through Reason #1

You may not have a clear perspective on where you are mentally and emotionally as far as negative belief systems you haven’t cleared or not being willing to look at your commitment level to moving forward.

Lack of Follow Through Reason #2

It could be that deep down you really don’t want to do whatever it is you’re not following through on. I’ve done this before with everything from Internet marketing programs I’ve bought and events I’ve gone to and to even high priced mentoring that I didn’t take full advantage of.

Hey, I never said I was perfect. But what I found was that I absolutely hated doing it that particular thing, so I just didn’t do it. It didn’t matter how much I paid. And yet, since it’s part of my business, someone has to do this stuff if I’m not going to do it. It just doesn’t need to be me or you! ? 

Lack of Follow Through Reason #3

Some of this also comes from fear of thinking you are all alone and you have to do it by yourself. If you are sincerely looking you can find help for whatever is blocking you, as deep and dark as you may think it is. You aren’t the only one facing your challenge and you just need to get the proper help to release this block.

Given those situations, if you don’t get clarity in a short time, then you need to look at the solution you’ve chosen. If it doesn’t lead to the results you, just want let it go. Take it as a learning experience and move on. Not blaming someone else for your choices is the bottom line there.

I do a lot of training courses and live events. There is always something, that if it were removed, the person could attend or they could succeed. On some occasions I have removed the block once I receive the same request from several people just to see who is real and how is whining. Sadly, most will just grab another excuse when the first one is removed.

If you are sincere in your desire to move forward, you’ll not only jump on the opportunity once your particular block has been removed, you’ll follow through to the fullest extent in the course or what you learn at the event or in a mentoring program.

Many times you may have deluded yourself for so long that you actually believe you’re really ready to move forward when you aren’t.

But in the end, you are the one who must take action, not only to invest in yourself by buying a course or attending an event, but by taking the information you receive and implementing it. If you think there is something that needs to be added to the course, take responsibility for giving your feedback.

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