101 Ways To Think Positively

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You can train your mind to think positively and learn to accomplish all that you dream. If you utilize positive thinking throughout each day it will become a very close part of your life.


Enjoy these 101 ways to

express positive thinking.


1. When you get out of bed think 10 wonderful thoughts about yourself.

2. Think of one thing you would like to accomplish today. 

3.   Try to accomplish it!

 4. Smile at yourself in the mirror.

5. Flash that same smile to others.

6. Set time aside for yourself.

7. Discover your talents.

8.    Know what makes you happy.

 9.   Know what gets you upset.

10. Make a list of all of your accomplishments and look at them at least once a week.

11. If something doesn’t go your way, learn from it.

12. Exercise daily.

 13. Eat right. At least three meals a day with a couple of snacks in between.

14. Be creative.

 15. Don’t be afraid to accomplish your goals. Work towards them each day.

16. Call a friend.

17. Understand the meaning of inspiration and know what to do when it comes your way.

18. Tell yourself positive thoughts.

19. Think of 10 positive words that describe you. 

20. Control your thoughts and have a great attitude.

21.   Make positive commitments to yourself.

22.    Stay organized.

23.    Take charge.

24. Make your dreams come true.

25. Don’t associate with negative people.

26. Praise yourself and others.

27. Be honest with yourself.

28.   Learn to cope with stress. Discover what your relaxation method is.

 29.   Keep a journal just for your goals.

 30. Keep another journal for your thoughts and feelings.

 31.   Be an optimist.

 32.   Laugh, laugh and laugh.

 33. Keep yourself healthy.

 34. Value your family, friends and everything important to you.

 35. Take advantage of opportunities.

 36. Always share time with family and friends.

 37. Give others compliments.

 38. Let positive energy flow when you walk into a room of people. Let others see your energy. They will want it and you will inspire them.

39.  Visualize what you want to achieve in life.

40. Know that your happiness counts.

41. Be satisfied when knowing you gave your best.

43. Learn to turn your negative thoughts into positive thoughts.

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