18 Things You Should Know by Now

Cold-call a client, overcome writer’s block, make a spectacular entrance, minimize your carbon footprint: A cheat sheet for women of experience.

By Rebecca Adler, Marisa Cohen, Lisa Selin Davis, Juliann Garey, Cathy Garrard, and Amanda Robb

Distract Yourself

"I have MRIs regularly because I have MS," says MORE reader Sandra Daddario. "I stay calm by naming all the fruits and vegetables I can think of, or animals, or books that I’ve read, working my way through the alphabet." Ask your radiologist for a pair of prism glasses, which are offered in most imaging centers. The angles created by the prisms allow you to see outside the machine through the open space at your feet. "Some centers even have scenery painted on the wall, like a field of daisies or tropical fish," Bello says.

Use Meds as a Last Resort

But don’t pop Valium at home beforehand and not tell anyone. "God forbid you have an asthma attack, and the doctor doesn’t know you have drugs in your system already," Bello says. If you feel it’s absolutely necessary, let the doctor medicate you accordingly at the center, so you’ll be properly monitored.

How to Kick Your Crackberry Habit

It used to be that we’d take our work home with us. Now, thanks to PDAs, we’re taking it everywhere. (You didn’t hear it from us, but a certain editor-in-chief has been known to Treo from the loo.)

"Who, Me?"

As with any addiction, the first step is admitting the problem, says Mara Blumenthal, moderator of crackberry.com’s Dear Berry column. If you take your PDA to weddings and funerals, if it "feels like a third person in your relationship," enough already!

Cry Uncle

The Sheraton Chicago hotel locks up guests’ PDAs free of charge, a service the general manager initiated after kicking his own habit. At the Mayflower Inn and Spa, in Washington, Connecticut, the only place you get cell phone service is on the putting green, "which makes you look really stupid," notes one PDA-addicted friend. Check your device at dinner along with your coat, or ask a friend to hold it. (You’re not really going to plead for it back during the salad course, are you?)

All thumbs

If going cold turkey is too overwhelming, set the instant message function to "unavailable" or turn your wireless capabilities off for a while. See? That wasn’t so bad.

How to Say the Right Thing

Tragedy, unfortunately, is a given. What to say by way of consolation in times of sickness, death, a cheating spouse, unemployment, or plastic surgery gone wrong is not. Janet Eisenberg is not a grief counselor. She doesn’t even play one on TV. She is a voice-over casting director from New York who, like many of us, has suffered loss upon loss. (Her mother, her father, her best friend from college and, most recently, her marriage.) Over the years she’s heard some doozies; here are some phrases to choose and to lose.

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