3 Simple Steps To Getting What You Want Out of Life

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Ever have trouble reaching your goals? When you look at a list of your objectives, do you feel like you’re staring at a military-style mission that’s just not you?  Do you turn a blind (and guilty) eye on your New Year’s resolutions by the third week of January?

Take heart. Because today you are getting in on something much, MUCH better. Something that will give you pleasure and fun, instead of saddling you with coulda-shoulda-woulda’s-but-didn’ts. Best of all, it takes just three easy steps—and the first two are completely optional!

Step 1: Goal away

Scan through your old goals, objectives and resolutions. There, there. You can do it. Yes, it’s a bit painful, isn’t it? That feeling of failure or inadequacy. Ouch.

That unpleasant feeling is why some people STOP writing down their goals. They just THINK of their goals. Or even try desperately to AVOID any thought or discussion thereof. If this describes you, never fear. Step 1, after all, is entirely optional.

Developing those goals was a good move for you at the time. It took thought, effort and courage. I commend you. You, however, are no longer bound to your goals. Close your eyes and say goodbye to them.

Done? Good.

You should know that new scientific research reveals that some people, who happen to look just like you or me—well, not EXACTLY like you and me because they look like regular people and we, of course, are exceptionally gorgeous and yet still modest—anyway, these people actually follow through on their goals, objectives and resolutions.

Close examination showed the DNA of these achievers contained strange and heretofore unknown mutations. This led researchers to conclude that these goal-achievers are aliens, advanced life forms, deities or otherwise superhuman.

Step 2: Trash ‘em

That superhuman stuff doesn’t really matter to us mortals. Because TODAY you are going to TRASH your goals! Shocking, isn’t it? Go ahead, and revel in the WILDNESS of that step. Have you ever before done something so devil-may-care in your life? No? Me neither.

So grab those goals. Damn things just weren’t working for you. You don’t need the little you-are-guilty-and-not-quite-up-to-snuff vibes they emanate.

Take a deep breath and release it. Then do whichever gives you the most pleasure: Rip those goals into tiny pieces. Toss them into the garbage and bury them under coffee grounds, banana peels or soiled diapers. Sneer at them as you feed them into your crosscut shredder, one whining, sniveling unfulfilled objective after the other.

Dartboard? Kitty litter? Lawn mower? Feel free to concoct a unique course of destruction.  

Feeling left out because you don’t have a written copy of your goals? Don’t be! Simply imaging the demise of not-on-paper goals can be loads of fun. Create an imaginary disposal, complete with your choice of special effects, such as smoke, flames, thunder and lightning, flood or earthquake. For an extra flourish, add opera, country, heavy metal or other music to your mental scenario.

In any case, permit yourself an evil or cruel laugh.

You are free.

By the way, I suspect goals, objectives and resolutions were invented by MEN. Men are adorable, aren’t they? But we women need to use what we’ve got and what we’ve got is feminine power. All we need to do is let it emerge.

Step 3: The most fun part!

You are getting a much better process today. And here—drumroll, please—it is: Your DESIRES.

Yes. Your desires.

What YOU want. What makes YOU happy. What pleases YOU.

The word “desires” gives off a delicious and warm and sensual aura. For me, writing down my desires is infinitely more pleasing, woman-friendly and motivating than a list of (gasp) icy, hard and stony goals, resolutions or, even worse, OBJECTIVES.

Now take out a pen and paper. You are going to jot down your desires. Whatever you desire. Let yourself go! Want something totally extravagant? Write it down! Something small? Mid-sized? Jot them down, too

Size doesn’t matter. Big, medium, tiny, outrageous… if you desire it, honor yourself by writing it down. These are your desires.

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