4 Keys to Financing Your Do-Over!

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Sooner or later, money becomes an issue in your Do-Over! planning. While finances are an important parameter in your reinvention roadmap, they shouldn’t become a limitation. I asked financial life coach Jennifer Jaime CPA of Wimberley, Texas, to share her expertise here: How can women get clear about their finances during a life or career Do-Over!?

1.    Get in-the-know
When making a transition, it is important to look at your money. If there is fear of "the unknown" around your money, stop and listen to what your emotions are telling you. I recommend going into transition "in-the-know." Know where you are with your money, then take the leap into your new endeavor.

2.    Be proactive
Once you are in-the-know, make every effort to be proactive. If you know you need $500 more each month, make plans ahead of time to think of creative ways to make it happen.

3.    Consistency is key
Consistency is the key to winning with money. Be consistent with your money plan each month and you will reap the rewards.

4.    Keep Moving Forward
There will be times when you hit a bump in the road. You’ll be dipping into the savings account time and time again. Take heart and know the road will not always be this tough. Put one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward!

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