4 Steps To Turning Your Dreams Into Reality

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In the 2004 Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez movie Shall We Dance, we see a perfect picture of new awakenings.
Gere, a middle-aged, successful man begins to dream.  Eventually, he takes steps toward that dream, and, at the urging of his friend, enters Jennifer Lopez’ dance school.  The real risk comes when his family finds out what he has been doing.  Will his wife take the leap with him?  His dream, all along, has been to dance with her.  
Do you have dreams that were never fulfilled?  First, let’s define a dream.  A dream is something that you can’t do with just a little bit more effort.  A dream is something that really takes commitment and a bit of risk.  A dream for you might look easy to other people.  Or, a dream for you might look like a pipe-dream to other people.  You know your ordinary limits.  A dream does more than stretch your limits. It causes you to take a leap.
A leap is an actual change in brain pathway.  Imagine your normal activity as a set of train tracks in your head.  When you develop a new skill, you have to pave a new brain pathway.  Can you just see all the little railroad guys/gals working day and night trying to lay track in your brain to connect that new pathway so that you can accomplish your dream?
Here are four things you can do to help those little guys/gals lay track faster and accomplish your dreams:
1.  Get plenty of rest and good nutrition. Weird, huh?  When you are trying to lay new brain pathway, you are actually growing.  You need down time and food to let your brain grow.
2.  Practice the new activity.  If you keep running back and forth on the old track, the little guys laying the new track will decide you don’t need that track and will stop working.  The more time you spend running up and down the new track (practicing your new behavior, way of thinking, etc.) the faster that track will be built.
3.  Develop a support system.  Your body is a bio-chemical machine.  It knows if part of your system is out of whack, and will wait for it to catch up.  If you are having emotional struggles because you don’t have a support system for your new way of living, your body is going to slow down the change process.  (The little guys building the new track in your brain will orchestrate a job slowdown.) 
4.  Continue to dream.  Every system that man has built became obsolete when it stopped growing.  Let your new dream develop, grow and expand.  You won’t be the same at the end as you were in the beginning.
Jennifer Lopez let failure stop her from dreaming.  She settled for a little dance studio.  Her interaction with Gere and his class of students encouraged her to begin dreaming again.  When she engaged her dream, she once again began to grow, accomplish and expand (the good kind).
If you aspire to becoming a ballroom dancer, you don’t accomplish your dream by just showing up for your first class.  It takes hard work, concentration, commitment, and friends.  If you put in the work, you too will find yourself among those whose lives have been dramatically changed by that first step off the platform of normalcy into the realm of possibility.

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