5 Ways to Redesign Your Home and Your Life

Follow these refreshing makeover tips, whether you’re overhauling a room or the way you live

by Donna Sapolin • Next Avenue
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Many of us are re-evaluating the look and size of our homes as we consider other even larger lifestyle changes.

We may be thinking about a move to a more age-friendly locale or a home that is either bigger or smaller than our current one. We might find ourselves shedding possessions or adding new ones in keeping with our revamped life choices. Some of us are seeing our households transform into multigenerational compounds or are caring for an infirm loved one, both of which can impact our homes’ layout, fixtures and furnishings.

I’ve devoted various chapters of my editorial life to creating architectural design, home improvement and decorating content with the intent of helping people shape beautiful and nurturing physical environments capable of supporting their lifestyle choices. Over time, I came to see that a home is truly a 3-D reflection of its residents’ values and personalities. Ideally, it’s flexible enough to accommodate shifts in the way they choose to lead their lives; if it’s not, it’s best to redesign and renovate.

However, if altering one’s surroundings is a fairly straightforward process, reshaping the form and substance of one’s life is often far more confusing and difficult. While home revamps give many people pause, there are at least clear, long-established guidelines for executing them successfully.

It recently occurred to me that the principles of interior design that help us shape our homes can also assist us in reshaping our lives. Here's how to apply guidelines for a room redo to a life redo:

1. Size up the situation.

Room redo Decide what purposes the space should serve and develop a suitable layout and furniture scheme.

Life redo Identify your new priorities, purposes and goals, then draft small and large steps that, over time, can lead to the desired outcome.

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