"5000 Words": My First CD

by Sharon Neeman • More.com Member { View Profile }
Photograph: Leon Sokoletski

And I did — and we started working on it. We had recorded three songs when, in May 2009, I was diagnosed with an ovarian tumor and had to have an urgent operation. Again, I was about to shelve the project — and my life partner must have known it. "Don’t you dare even think about not finishing the CD," my partner said on our way to the hospital the day before the surgery. "The day you’re allowed to go back to work, you go back to the studio, too."

"You’re nuts!" I gasped.

"I may be," came the reply, "but you’re not giving up now."

Eight weeks later, I was back in the studio… and 15 months after that, the CD was ready. Entitled "5000 Words", it includes 13 songs — 11 of which I wrote; one is a 17th-century Irish ballad, and one is my English translation of a Hebrew song. I had to get the composer’s permission to perform it — and now he and I are talking about putting a program together and taking it on the road! I’m not giving up my day job — I’m swamped with translation work, in fact, and it’s a good thing, because I’m putting a daughter through college and a son through medical school. But for the first time in 57 years, I’m preparing to go on tour, in Israel and the US. And my life partner, who kept my dream alive, is looking forward to being my roadie…

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