9 Simple Steps to Boost Your Happiness

Be as happy as you want to be. It’s possible. Just ask Gretchen Rubin, blogger, author and happiness extraordinaire.

Okay, so your group’s first book doesn’t have to be The Happiness Project, but taking the time to get together and read with friends will give you and immediate happiness boost. “That’s something you can do right now,” Rubin says. “You don’t have to wait for some kind of magical opening.”

8.    Take Time to be Silly

“A happy atmosphere isn’t created merely by the absence of nagging and yelling but by jokes, games, and tomfoolery,” Rubin writes. But playing silly doesn’t usually occur if you’re by yourself.  So look for play dates. Affecting a silly mood will not only brighten your sprits, but most likely someone else’s, too.

9.    Laugh Out Loud

This one doesn’t need much explanation. Laughing lowers stress levels, boosts immunity and just makes you feel good. 


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