Alpacas? Yes!

by Reba McClary • Member { View Profile }
Our fist show! Our first ribbons!
Photograph: Dream Riders

     Pursuing my passion, fulfilling my dream, reinventing – how about all at once?! Four years ago I was driving home feeling that I needed “something more.” I needed something outside of the daily routine of working, caring for my family, and occasionally relaxing — all of which is challenging enough at times but not always —  and “challenging” is not the same thing as “fulfilling.”
     We were in the process of taking out a home-equity loan (a foreign concept now) for the purpose of upgrading our 60’s-era kitchen. To keep the story short, I still have the kitchen. I had an epiphany on that ride home. “Hey!” I told myself, “That’s enough money to buy some alpacas!” So we did. I had dreamed of alpacas since I first heard of the adorable creatures 10 years earlier. But we lived in town. And the cost was high.  How could I swing it? God is good – we had recently purchased a small three-acre farm and now the money was in my hands! Talk about a reinvention! I thought this would be all about raising these beautiful alpacas, seeing the babies born and selling them at a nice profit. There is a bit more to it! Having never shown an animal in the “show ring” in my life. I now show alpacas around the state. I have honed my leadership skills as president of our local association. And most importantly, I have collaborated with and been inspired by the most wonderfully talented group of women I have ever met! (Did I mention that this industry is dominated by women?) I still work and I still care for my family and (less) occasionally, I relax. But I have grown exponentially in the last three and a half years – all due to this amazing alpaca adventure. 


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