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Astrology Simplified

Do you think that astrology is beyond you? Do you think you need to be psychic to be a good astrologer? The answer to both those questions is "NO"! Astrology is actually a systematic method of understanding personalities in terms of where they are placed along a cyclical continuum (from beginning to end and everything in between). The thing that astrologers don’t want you to know is that there is nothing magical about the twelve signs and their meanings. They aren’t arbitrary and their meanings don’t need to be memorized. Our collective unconscious is what creates the placement of the signs in the astrological wheel. They can be easily understood in terms of where they fall in position along the path of man’s natural archetype – one concept following another in a natural cycle. The idea of sequential placement makes perfect sense because it is ordered by humanity’s paradigm. The meanings of the signs are defined by where they are in relationship to the other signs.

An Example of the Cycle

Connecting concepts in a cycle, one after the other, makes sense when you think about the natural order of events, i.e., birth is a first expression – the spark of consciousness that leads to welcoming the physical world, which leads to thoughts, leading to feelings (Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer, respectively). These four lead to an ability to self-express, which then leads to giving that self to the world (or healing that self) – Leo and Virgo. From there starts the interaction with the partner, or the one that you relate to, and from there we go to intimacy – Libra and Scorpio. The cycle continues around through transpersonal concepts – philosophy, religion, society, i.e. Sagittarius and Capricorn. Energies beyond the physical concept of society are no longer tangible (Aquarius and Pisces) – intangibles, community, the future and spirituality. They transcend the physical, yet they are still "real." It is important to realize that each concept builds upon and contains the previous. The pieces around the circle are meant to encompass everything, one concept supporting the next, with the entire circle representing everything- and then nothing, when taken to the next step, as the cycle begins again. This is just a brief overview – there is more detail you can learn – but it all makes sense and is easy to grasp.

Astrology in More Detail

What does this mean to you? If you know where your place is in the overall cycle, you will understand who you and who others are much better. The next question is – do you find that the astrological signs describe you to a "T"?  You don’t?!? No surprise here!  The reason is that the signs are so broad. The symbolic reasoning behind looking at a sign to know a personality is actually flawed. The sun does not move through a sign in a day. It takes thirty days to move through a sign. There are thirty degrees in a sign and each of these degrees builds the sign into its fully developed expression. The sun moves through one degree a day. The degree that the sun was moving through on your birthday is much more revealing about your personality than the sign. A systematic method to define the astrological degrees has always been lacking. One of Sunology’s revolutionary discoveries is this method. To get right to the point, the meanings of the degrees, or Sun Numbers, are developed by placing the thirty numbers along the zodiac so that zero through thirty represent the entire circle and mirror the meaning of the signs in their correlating placement. In other words, like the sign, the degrees are also defined by their placement in the overall cycle that defines life as a whole. Therefore, it is no more difficult to learn the meaning of the degrees than it is to learn the meaning of the signs. They are both built upon the same paradigm. Sunology works so well and makes so much sense that it eventually will help astrologers to adopt a common standard for a detailed level of interpretation by degree.

Astrology for Your Future

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