On the Cusp

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I went in and interviewed with the Director of Construction  and altho he asked the question, "You are planning on staying put, this time, aren’t you?"  I smiled and guaranteed him that I wasn’t going anywhere and I wasn’t.
I started the following week.  It was a job I had dreamed of, I learned so much, I learned new computer programs, I learned how to burn mylars and then make prints from them, bind prints, etc.  I worked with the men on the Master Facility Plan and we put hundreds of hours into measuring every inch of the hospital.  I met and worked with outside architects, engineers, city officials, the Hospital Board, Administration.  I did not have a sit down at your desk type job, I was on the go constantly.  I was envied because I had a job a lot of people would have loved except they didn’t know what it was, until I started doing it.  I expanded the job and responsibilities and made my job a terrific job.  It was the beginning of finding myself in my forties and I loved it.  I never felt so complete and my baby was still number one and every minute away from the office was with her.  She was in the hospital day care.  I enjoyed both life’s to the fullest and was awarded employee of the month which was an honor because I was recognized for all the projects I had accoomplished.  I had arrived and I was loving it.

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