Design a Reinvention Plan for Life

by Michelle Gamble-Risley • Member { View Profile }

It’s time to get real with yourself … not me or anyone else. I can tell you most assuredly longings turn to regrets. I don’t know about you, but I never, ever want to hit the end of my life full of regrets. I wished I had (fill in the blank). I would much rather reflect with joy and satisfaction that I got it almost 95 percent right (5 percent margin of error for being human). Wouldn’t that be a marvelous feeling? Want to know more how you can plan for a change? Send me an e-mail at

Michelle Gamble-Risley is a speaker, author and president of 3L Publishing. Her new book Smash: A Smart Girl’s Guide to Practical Marketing and Public Relations takes a humorous and insightful examination of how to make your business a success.

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