Discovering Your Style

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Style. What is it? It’s like an enigma. Some people seem to be naturally stylish. And yet, it seems to elude others.

Personal style tends to refer to one’s external presentation of fashion choices, hair styles and personal grooming details like nails, facial hair, makeup, etc. Fashion choices tend to reflect one’s culture, status, individual taste, career and lifestyle. Personal style is the way in which individuals choose to combine external indicators along with fashion choices colors, textures, prints, patterns, silhouettes, accessories and other particulars.

So, how do you find yours? Try this fun DIY project to aid you in your journey:

  • Find an unlined journal or a three ring binder with blank sheets of paper to serve as your personal style book.
  • Section off your book with these categories; i.e. suits, pants, skirts, blouses, shoes, jewelry, handbags, swimwear, accessories, evening/cocktail attire, hair styles, makeup and a wish list.  Include brands that you love and the local resources to help you implement your style choices.
  • Find and paste images of items that fit in all sections. Choose images that you believe define you now or illustrate how you want to be defined.

Ideally, these images represent your personality, profession and the various roles you play in your life.  The beauty about your personal style book is that you can dare to try new and different things. Plus, you can (and should over time) add and subtract from it as often as you feel. As you contribute to your book, you will see a pattern emerge. By identifying your pattern, you will gain confidence in creating and reinventing your definitive personal style.  The real bonus will be the wise fashion and beauty investments that you will make in yourself, saving you time and money and assisting you in always looking your absolute best.

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