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      Although I had always wanted to be a writer, I didn’t have the courage to share the ideas and stories that swam in my head. Instead, I channeled my creativity into a successful career in technical communications, and for almost 20 years, I ignored the voices of the characters who spoke to me when I tried to go sleep at night.
      After I almost died from an abdominal mass in 2007, I reassessed my life and realized that I needed to focus on what I truly wanted – to write. My first step was to start writing more industry pieces, and in 2008, I co-authored a whitepaper that was published in a leading industry journal. This experience gave me a big confidence boost, and I started to think about all the non-technical pieces waiting to be written.
      In 2008 I returned from vacation to find an email informing me that I’d lost my job. As the primary breadwinner for our family, I wasn’t yet ready to try to make a living off my writing, but decided to take the bold step of opening my own consulting business in the worst economic year in my lifetime. Fortunately, I was busy for the first nine months of 2009. When I ran out of work in October, I realized that if I didn’t start writing then, I never would.
       To help me make the leap, I started a writing group with three other creative women and have started giving voice to the ideas that I carried for years. I am actively working on four pieces that I hope to have published in 2010 and recently turned down a full-time job opportunity to continue as a consultant so that I have time to write.


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