Downsizing is the Mother of Reinvention

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     “We’re letting you go,” my boss said. My self-control failed and I cried. Right there in his office. I’d been an accountant for so long that it was the only way I knew to make a good living. But the truth was, I’d hit the wall as a number cruncher and desperately wanted out. Suddenly out is where I found myself.

     The dream of my heart was to turn my hobby – writing – into a living. And I wanted to do it from home. Sorry to say, my goal drew little support from family and friends. Months earlier, I’d suspected that my accounting job might soon be threatened. But I believed in the saying, “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.” So I prepared. I intensified my writing efforts and got several pieces published. I was gaining traction. But to make a living at writing, I would need much more. I enrolled in an online editing class to learn some writing-related skills that might add income. At the very least, I figured, editing knowledge would improve my own writing. After completing the class, I landed a few lucrative freelance editing assignments, though not enough of them for financial survival.  

     Soon after that, my boss told me accounting job was being eliminated. I had enough in severance pay and in editing fees to get by for a few months. Meanwhile, I kept looking for any opportunity to earn money as a writer. Then I saw it. A publisher was seeking an experienced writer — that was me with a business background — me again! And editing skills — me, me, me! I was hired, and six years later, I’m still writing for that wonderful publisher, from my home. I successfully reinvented myself, from unhappy accountant to happy, fulfilled writer. It can happen!

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