5 Best Ways to Lose the Clutter for Keeps

Clear out the junk and gain space in your home and clarity in your life

by Suzanne Gerber • Next Avenue
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And yet while most of us appreciate the need to “deacquire” as we get older, we also agree that it’s easier said than done. As Akiko Busch has observed, “One may be forced to downsize space due to economic dictate in recessionary times or might simply choose to live more simply and sustainably. But even if the mandate to cede one’s belongings is clear, one still needs insight and judgment to do so — and that can pose some complex challenges.”
In her fine essay "The Art of Shedding Possessions," she describes how she went from being overwhelmed at the task of turning her adult son’s former bedroom (still alive with “ghosts” of his youth spent there) into a viable guest room.
2. A great place to start the process is your clothes closet. This offers multiple benefits: You not only get to shed possessions and clear out what might be a big clutter fest, you’ll probably discover things you love that you’d forgotten about. And, best of all, when you follow the five steps and many practical tips in style coach Susan Sommers’ piece "Shop Your Closet," you can create a sharp new look for yourself. See: Less can be more!
3. It’s typically easier to help others in this situation. Emily Berns Heyser found herself thrust into that situation when her mother-in-law needed to downsize into a smaller space that was more appropriate for her declining state of health. But this woman equated the need to get rid of her prized possessions with a decree that her life as she’d always known and lived it was over.
As Berns Heyser writes of her “Mutter” in "Giving Things Away Can Make a Life Transition Easier": “A longtime widow with chronic diabetes, she was irascible and depressed, anxious about the future and doubtful that any change could be for the better. It was as if she saw her life as already over, and all the appurtenances of that life — from the books she had read to the clothes she had worn to the Christmas ornaments she had crafted — finished and done with as well.”
So as a loving (and clever) daughter-in-law, she hatched a neat plan: After packing and moving Mutter’s essential items, she set up a table outside the older woman’s home and created a kind of ongoing free flea market. Naturally the “shoppers” were thrilled, but the biggest surprise of all was Mutter’s positive reaction.

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