A Lifetime Of Reinvention

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      I have spent my life reinventing myself. I had a successful career in sales but desperately wanted children. After two and a half years of tests, procedures, and disappointments, I was pregnant with twins. I have always wanted to be a stay-at-home mom, but my job was flexible. It seemed better for me to continue working. When the twins were 9 months old, it was Valentine’s Day, and they were sleeping through the night and…I had my third child 9 months later. Three children in 17 months.
       Right after I found out I was pregnant, my husband lost his job. It took about five months for him to find another. I went back to work again but realized that I needed to be home. After a year, I started working evenings in the mall. Since my children were born, I have been a salesperson (both retail and wholesale). I have worked at a summer day camp, a sleep-away camp, started a "business" personalizing baby gifts. I worked as a retail merchandiser, a substitute teacher. Currently I work for a leading weight-loss company. During this time I lost and regained 25, 35, and 45 pounds. I decided it was time to lose the weight for good. I lost 53 pounds and hit my goal. I now work for the company full time inspiring and motivating others to do what I did. I have always struggled with exercise. Recently I discovered adult-sized, weighted hula hooping. I have become obsessed with this fun activity. Another time for reinvention: I now make and sell these hoops. and I’m starting to teach classes.I never thought that the words "fitness certification” would ever come out of my mouth, but they have, and I’m having a blast. Yet another link in the chain of my life.


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