The Little Black Dress

by Amanda Graybill • Member { View Profile }

     When my book, The Little Black Dress, was released in 2007, there was a celebration in my heart. Why?Because I knew "Amanda" was “reinvented,” and she began living again! You see writing the book was like writing a good business plan. It was about the journey of writing my story that changed my life. I had come to a place where the music had died, and I had stopped dancing. It was time to combine my passion for helping women with my obsession with little black dresses.
     I read once that if you are going to explore mysterious, dangerous, unknown territories, then you need to reinvent yourself. I knew I had to build on my past but move forward toward my future. My passion for helping women, a great life coach, and one little black dress that I received when I was 4 years old set my dream in motion. By stepping out in faith, I began believing in myself again and believing my dreams could come true. This was the beginning of my new adventure, the launch of The Little Black Dress Society®, a society of women committed to impacting women’s lives touched by abuse. There is something powerful about women united for a cause. Together we can help remove the blindfold that hides the shame of abuse, raises awareness, funds through philanthropy for battered women shelters, and restores women’s hope to love, believe, and dream.  
     Life is about growth. Growth requires change, and change requires humility. I have changed, and I have grown. I am reinvented. I awake every morning loving what I do, helping women see their beauty from the inside out. It’s never about the little black dress. It’s always about the woman wearing it!


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