The Midlife Gals' Forced Reinvention

The Midlife Gals • Guest Writer

While trying to hold down a full time job and care for our aging mother, I realized that one or the other was going to have to go by the wayside, as I became mediocre at both in my attempts.  Had my sister, Sally not given me an unequivocal, “Yes” when I asked her to come home from LA to help me, God knows where I’d be now…in an institution perhaps with The Ancient One as my roommate?

We brought our two half lives together as we began our live-in caregiving duties and realized early on that we were going to have to do something to maintain our sanity.  We thought, “Let’s be comediennes, because the only way to get through this is with humor.” That’s how The Midlife Gals began.  We figured out how to start a blog, which morphed into a full-blown website, and we noticed that the little black square on the top of our computer was a camera…voila…let’s make some videos!  Let’s say some of the things that boomer women are feeling but are too afraid to verbalize.

That was two years ago…a long time in Internet years, but in boomer years, the equivalent of about two weeks.  We worked hard enough at spreading news about The Midlife Gals all over the Web that we now occupy more than SIX pages in a Google search for us.  More Magazine found us and asked us to contribute on a regular basis, along with such sites as The National Association of Baby Boomer Women,, In The Trenches Productions and Powder Room Graffiti.   The Midlife Gals have garnered local, regional and national attention for our shenanigans.

Our goal, and we WILL achieve it, is to have our own sitcom about the ‘Necessary Insanity’ of middle age on a cable network…The Smothers Brothers with bosoms.  Our boomer demographic is a tsunami coming to quash the 18-34-year-old market, and we already have a leg up onto the surfboard that will bring us, screaming and guffawing to the shore of fame and fortune.  And, for nothing more than laughter.  It’s our only product, and it’s FREE! 

We laugh at the notion that we could have lived any other lives but the ones we now have together, reinvented, reinvigorated and happy, happy, happy.

KK and SalGal

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