From Mold to Bold

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In my 20s, I was building my relationships with my then-spouse and my then-career. In my 30s, I was adapting to what I’d built. That now included three sons and new schedules. In my 40s, the world shifted, and I had no choice but to re-adjust, which basically meant "starting over." 
     9-11 ended my 23 year career in aviation. My sons were teenagers, and I was now a single mother without a job. But I had a skill. I could write. So I did. A lot. I opened my own production company for the tax credits and published my first children’s book in 2004. I later wrote a children’s television show for another production company, and it sold to TBN. Not bad for a woman who sat at her commuter one day scared to death at the thought of starting over and being alone.
     I later cleaned out my "friend" closet. I got rid of the people in my life that brought me down.  I didn’t need accalades, but I knew I needed clarity and inspiration. Sometimes, that’s a sad thing to have to do, but I’ve learned that we are all in each other’s lives for a reason and a season, like the peom says. I prayed harder than I ever prayed in my life, mainly that my sons would never see the fear it took for me to start over. I was told by industry experts that I was "too old and uneducated" to write for a living. That "too much has changed" But although I never finished college, I learned a lot about life simply by living it. That has inspired my sons. They are now 20, 17, and 13. They are wonderful young men. All of them. I never bad-mouthed their father as I always believed, "you don’t raise strong men by belittling their dad."  Children don’t need told as much as they need shown. Sometimes that means quiet lessons are being taught and sometimes those work best. To anyone reading this, know that YOU aret the only person in the world who can do what you can do. So do it the best you can!


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