My Reinvention

by Remy Zadach • Member { View Profile }

Like a composer, muse with great music.
I am a  fitness guru, take out all your sorrow.
Everyday’s trick, get me so intrigue.
Life full of surprises, action arises.
Life so complicated, be comprehensive.

Watching a conductor, use stick as a moderator.
Wave for magic, to do wonderful trick.
Get my eyes mesmerize, swept me to the isle.
So I blink, my eyes made me cry.
So I try, not to prye.
Nightmare set, taking my place.
Keep my aim, to chase my dream.

High key notes soar, twirl my soul.
Lyrics of chores, keep me on the roll.
Echoing sound, get me down.
Spin me around, and I’m found.
Homeward bound, acted like a clown.
Grin my pain, grip my fear.
Staggering clue, I hit the blow.
Startling sound, music for the flow.
Ready for the show, so I go.

Loud music roar, like lion growl.
Laugh like thunder, tremble and rumble.
Hold on quick, to save my fate!
Peace impose, agreement fold.

Music flare, break my fear.
Doing yoga, is my agenda.
My body move, get me in the groove.
Stretch my limb, wake my brain.
Do my chores, moodswing worn.
Vacuuming floor, I’m in control.
Washing dishes, clear my senses.
To make fences, no mor tenses.

Inhale life in, exhale my pain.
Tend my flame, to reach my fame!
Life worth living, I keep going.
I’m in bound, to new home town.
Keep up the beat, be careful on your feet.
Sweat out the stress, I’m impress!

Life of despair, finally disappear.
Leave frustration behind, I’m inclined.
Body, mind, and soul, together I overhaul!
Gain splendour, love victory! atlas.
Suave devonaire!, swiftly free.
Crowning jewel, I flaunt with flee!.
Happiness soar, I am ready to tour.
Happy and joy, family with great joy!.


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