A New Life From Broken Dreams

by Annoula Wylderich • More.com Member { View Profile }

In early 2000, while in my 40s and involved in real-estate redevelopment, I met the man who would prove to be my soul mate. Within a short time, we were in love and engaged.  

Our real-estate pursuits led us from the Midwest to Florida and ultimately Las Vegas. During this time, I shared with our friends my history of eating disorders, including struggles with obesity in my 20s. No one believed me until they saw photos. John suggested that I make my plan available to help others who were struggling as I once had been.

In 2005, John was diagnosed with lung cancer. Our life quickly unraveled, as we spent time and savings on various treatments. Ultimately, I lost the love of my life. I was faced with his absence and our severely depleted finances in a tanking real-estate market. I couldn’t afford to either keep or sell my home. I was depressed and grieving; I didn’t want to go on.

I realized that the best way to pay tribute to the man who had so profoundly impacted my life was to use what he taught me. I wrote a chronicle of my early years’ struggles with weight. Since I’d become a vegetarian, I revised my diet plan and shared it with friends and Las Vegas entertainers. Many showgirls replaced their unhealthy diets with my plan. Thus, "The Las Vegas Showgirl Diet" was born. The book and coaching not only helps others to lose weight and improve their lives, but also to live more compassionately by not contributing to the endless misery and suffering of factory-farm animals.   

I’ve chosen to live my life by example and to use my experiences to help others.   


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