No Regrets!

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Move! We’ve got to move! I have to leave family, friends, my private educational practice, my life of the past 40 years? Yes. My husband and I moved to the North, from a spacious Southern home in a small town to a big-city small apartment. I knew no one. We didn’t take a car, and quickly I learned to use the T/ public transportation. Everything was different from grocery shopping and accents to figuring out how I was going to occupy my heretofore busy days. So, I decided to follow my long-buried passion of acting. I found an acting coach, enrolled in acting lessons and within a few months auditioned on-stage for dozens of New England directors and producers. Searching out auditions and opportunities wherever I could find them, I availed myself of every role/part for a ‘middle-aged’ female, rare, indeed! Many dark days lay ahead—despite vigilant work—along with many audition rejections—too many to count.  But, I knew with each audition, I was better prepared for the next. Success rested in my mind! This was an adventure—meeting people, learning the vast city/surroundings, a second career in my second half of life, and maybe, just maybe, I would be cast! After nearly a year of hoofing the streets and putting me out there, under my ‘new’ career belt are three theatrical on-stage performances, a major film music video, several film productions with area college/university filmmaking majors, and I even made it to the semi-final cut for a major TV reality show. It’s been a full spectrum of emotions reinventing my ‘middle-aged’ self and making the move positive—from exhilaration, excitement, and exhaustion to anxiousness, sadness, and fear. No doubt, I’m stronger, more confident, and am walking my talk for my now shorter runway of life—no regrets!

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