Now It's My Turn: Breaking into the Moonshine Business

Troylyn Ball went from isolated mother caring for two special-needs kids to the maker of moonshine sold at a Disney resort. How did that happen?

by Leah Koenig
troylyn ball image
Photograph: Peter Frank Edwards

Marshall and Coulton, now in their midtwenties, live at home, and Ball remains a hands-on mom. Meanwhile, thanks to the care-assistance provided by CAP, she is also free to serve as the company’s primary ambassador. After years of putting her own dreams on the back burner, Ball is living her bliss. “I never would have forgiven myself if I hadn’t done all I could for my boys while they were growing up,” she says. “I knew my time would come later in life.”

 Leah Koenigis the author of The Hadassah Everyday Cookbook: Daily Meals for the Contemporary Jewish Kitchen.

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First published in the September 2013 issue

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