One Book, T-shirt and Tote Bag at a Time

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On August 15th, 2009, I found myself turning 43 years old and not a moment too soon – - other than the fact that I had not yet fully embraced life and my career.  There were however tell tale signs that I was progressing in the right direction, such as I had moved in with my wonderful boyfriend earlier in the year and was also working at the time to self-publish the first book of my series of life coaching books for kids. Yet, I was still yearning for more.

I found myself really starting to pay attention to myself.  I began really taking an interest in me and the things that I was good at and enjoyed doing.  I love supporting people’s dreams…this is why I found myself managing and developing people (in the corporate world) for 20+ years.  Again, not quite the fulfillment I was looking for…but still close.

I had my "AHA" moment (and more of them,) when I officially became a Life Coach and published my kids’ book in late 2009.  Wow!  How great it was to have people acknowledge me as their Life Coach and how great it was to attend my first Local Author Fair!

It is now 2010 and I am happily detached from my corporate responsibilities (as a result of job elimination,) and I am now the proud owner of my own little bookstore.  My bookstore is called So Help Me…and it offers new and used books, specifically regarding motivation, inspiration, self-help and self development.  I also offer my life coaching services through my bookstore.  In addition, So Help Me…is a place for local authors/crafters and etc. to bring visibility to their products and services.  I am most proud of my Art Therapy workshop which offers a life coaching session to participants along with an art session which they will design their own t-shirt and/or tote bags (with a positive message).  Their work will then go partly to them and partly into the store’s inventory to help save the world…one book, t-shirt or tote bag at a time.


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