With Passion Comes Pain

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      If anyone would have told me that I was going to find love at the age of 50, I would have never believe it.
After being forced to leave my country 28 years ago, I realized I had left behind not only my family, my home, but also my career, my dreams, and my passion for writing. I settled into my new life and never looked back. I raised two kids by myself and went into the business of learning a new language and new way of life, unknown to me until then. Disasters. I encountered many, including a broken heart (several times over), a couple of surgeries, and a battle with breast cancer.
      Two years ago I thought life was over for me in many ways. My son got married and left the house, my daughter and best friend left for college (eight hours away), and the "empty nest" syndrome consumed my days and my nights. And then destiny plays a  trick on me and sends me the most beautiful, romantic, passionate, incredible man I’ve ever known. The romance lasted six months, and when he took off suddenly and left me hanging like a phone call, I discovered that I had a hidden talent: I could write poetry! And I did, my first book titled "Poemas de Amor" was just published and the second installment is right around the corner. The pain I felt after loosing him made me reconnect with my roots. I found a way to express my feelings in the most beautiful, passionate way. Putting on paper my emotions is helping me heal  my wounds, and it has lifted a veil that was wrapped around my heart and my memories. Life has a new meaning now, and I finally feel like I have a purpose in this planet. I was sent here to touch people’s hearts. I want them to know the darkest night always ends with a sunrise and that you can always find the light at the end of a tunnel. You just have to keep your eyes wide open. Hope is the only thing we cannot afford to lose.

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