The Power of Change

Even when you're scared, sometimes a bold leap in a new direction creates the change we long for in our lives.

by Stacie Walker • Member { View Profile }
Stacie Walker is a business consultant and the founder of Woman in Leadership LLC, a company that offers business advice and marketing strategies to help improve the skill set of entrepreneurs in any industry.
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Change can be terrifying.Why are so many people afraid of change? Yes, it can be scary.But, if you are unwilling to change, you will never grow.

You will never have the opportunity to experience the things that can become an absolute blessing in your life.I remember the day when I made the decision to make the change from employee to business owner.

Talk about a huge change!

I had no idea what I was getting myself into that day. What I did know is, that I wanted a better life for myself and for my family. I was so sick of trying to make ends meet and being in constant worry about not paying the bills on time.

Something had to give, because I didn't want to go on living in a state of stress for now and the years to follow. I was willing to break the cycle and make a change. 

My desire was so strong and intense that change took place in my life almost immediately.

Now, I look at life very differently.

I am able to breath and enjoy living in the present moment. I wake up every morning doing the things that make me feel so good. The changes that I am constantly making create purpose and passion into my life.

Everyday, I make it a point to focus on change in my life and to help other people who cross my path in this life.

My mission is to give others an opportunity to pursue their lifelong dreams, even when it seems almost impossible. 

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