Reinventing Myself as a Novelist

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After years of being constantly busy supporting three kids, being a Social Worker then a psychotherapist, I’d forgotten how to relax. Even after retiring I helped to build a cabin, got into gardening, golfing and volunteering…always on the go. Then suddenly I became very ill and was hospitalized and immobilized by connecting needles, and horror or horrors with nothing to do.

But wait! As I looked out the window I noticed a chimney with a small stream of white smoke reaching to the sky.

“Bring me some paper and pencil” I croaked to my worried Sweetheart.

“You can’t write now” as he gestured to my connected paraphernalia. However seeing my determined look, and rolling his eyes, he reluctantly retrieved a notebook, (which I eagerly balanced on my body) since a story was emerging with record speed. An amazing tale waiting to be told, and here I was…a captive audience.

While hospitalized, l7 chapters were written, yet I had no idea how the story would continue. I knew the title was to be “The Pope’s Surprise” yet without a clue as to what the surprise would be. However it continued to unfold to completion during my speedy recovery.

But now what? Surely at my age I could hardly persuade an agent to become instantly enamored with a new novel by an unknown author. Yet I felt deeply that this story wanted to be told, so I struggled through the horrendous process of self-publishing. Writing was a breeze, but I’m a technical nitwit. Yet I did it…not perfect, mind you, but I’m proud that a beautiful message now lives as an actual book listed on; and though in my 70’s, I’ve re-invented myself as a novelist working on a sequel.

No rocking chair yet for this Great Grandma!


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