Reinvention in Motion

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On the set of Style Networks "How Do I Look?" in 2007 - still cannot believe I represented Dress for Success on a reality show!

"Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over just sitting there" – Will Rogers

My reinvention story began in 2002 when I was "transformed" from a career focused marketer to a new mommy.  My daughter was born and like most parents, my priorities changed.  I was passionate about my employer’s mission, but my role as Marketing Director wasn’t a good fit anymore.  However, after 3 months of mommyhood, I was stressed out, frazzled and miserable.  I found I needed a career to be a good mom.  A few phone calls and before long I was consulting for non-profits in need of marketing assistance and working on special events.

But my real reinvention came with a phone call in 2004 from a woman who was the chair of a non-profit board I served on years earlier.  She explained that the organization was failing, but their main program was still viable.  She asked me to attend a meeting to discuss options for saving this program.  I was passionable for the mission, so of course I said yes.  18 months later, she and I co-founded "Dress for Success Pittsburgh", and I served as their first Executive Director.  I learned as we started and then grew.  DFS Pittsburgh now has 5 locations and assists women in 4 neighboring counties – more than 3,000 woman will receive help this year. 

Last year, it was time to reinvent myself again.  I turned over DFS Pittsburgh to trusted hands and began consulting with the PA Department of Public Welfare on a new program that assists individuals transitioning from public assistance to work.  I traveled across the state and helped more than 50 organizations set up operations.  That program is now statewide, and my contract is coming to an end… so now what?

I don’t know yet, but I have files of ideas and tons of options ranging from totally new ventures to expanding on past experience, all because I reinvented myself once.  Quite frankly, I can’t wait to do it again!

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