Reinvesting in S.E.L.F.

by Laura Ocelnik • Member { View Profile }

No matter how much you think you provide or do your share or meet all expectations, sometimes it does not match up to who you are as a person. Trying to satisfy the wants and needs of others becomes a chore, instead of a reward. As reality spikes the essence of your real IT you melt into the true sense of your reality. It is heart wrenching to realize  the person who you have become is no longer the person you want to be. The  amount of tears you cry will not wash away the disbeilf or disappointment that consumes your mind and body. You are faced with leaving behind someone you  really never knew for the journey of finding your true SELF. You begin again as innocent and new as when you entered into the world from your mother’s womb. You begin to experience things for the first time even though their not. You begin to feel , touch, and enjoy the freedom that theese experiences provide for you using your five senses like you never have before; they are driven with a new form of purpose that sparks you form within to create the happiness and the peace you have  been searching for.  Your search is no longer a job, because there is purpose- Seeing Evidence of Love with Family, Friends, and Fellow people. (S.E.L.F.).  Take down your dusty Sherlock Holmes from your bookself and take out the magnifying  glass from it and look at the evidence that surrounds you. Be prepared to help open a door for the mother who is steering a stroller with a new born while holding the hand of the two year old BIG sister.  Be prepared to ask the 70 year  old man in a wheel chair if he needs help reaching for his favorite cereal off the grocery self.  Be prepared to listen patiently to both stories of  two 7 year olds that think he is right while he is wrong.  Your magnifying glass is an important tool to help reinvent you by reinvesting in S.E.L.F. (Seeing Evidence of Love with Family, Friends, and Fellow people).   There is beauty in everyone and it wants to be noticed!  Wanting to truly see it, is where the purposeful journey starts.  The clue you need to find is visible to see; it hangs on us all like an neon sign "Make Me Feel Important!"  Clue in and start the S.E.L.F.  journey today. To know you are important, is know you can make a difference in others.

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