Round and Round She Goes and Where She Stops Nobody Knows

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In my 30’s I was doing it all.  I had relationships that made me street smart, and I had relationships that made me think "why and I here?"  I got married to a Doctor and had my son who now is 12 and I bring up on my own during the school year and the holidays are spent with his Dad.

There wasn’t a pharmaceutical rep that didn’t throw her-self at him and he took advantage of it.  I had my own small business at home designing dresses for weddings and on the weekends I would sing with a band.  I had it all, the nice car, I travelled, the jewelry and a lovely home.

When I got fete up with it all, I told him to pack him bags and get out! The reinvention of myself started, because after all, I had forgotten who I really was.  I was able to land a job in Europe under contract for 3 years.  I lived in Geneva, Saudi Arabia, and, Spain just to name a few.  I really learned a lot and wouldn’t trade that time in my life for anything.  I have great friends all over the world. 

When I got back the turning point was hitting 40.  Now what? I took a job as a Paralegal and worked my way through every day trying to see where my life would lead me.  I decided to patent an idea that I had.  Then, I moved forward and put my dream on paper.  I borrowed money from my 401K plan and paid it back slowly.  It was the only way that I could make it work.  

My idea was patented 2 years. I was so excited to finally be an inventor and then I spent a year doing that.  I started dating someone whom I had known from the inner circle of my attorney friends and he helped me push forward.   I borrowed money from him and pay him back.  Oh yes, PAID HIM BACK.  Never did I take and not return whatever I borrowed.    

So, by now I’m 46 and I spent my whole 46th year dealing with China.  Tooling is not an easy thing, I have found out the hard way, not to mention that Chinese New Year comes once a year and everything stops.  Finally, in a month I will have my product in my hands.  I’ve designed boxes, inserts, websites all of which has taken time and money.  But I can say that it’s been worth the ride and I’m looking forward to launching my product and making women happy.  My website is enjoy it.  

In short there is love after 40, there is work after 40 and there will be success after 40. I wish all the women out there that have a vision to move forward and to have patience.  I wish you the best and lots of success.  The ride I can assure you is well worth it if you dare to dream just a little.


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