From Stay-at-Home Mom to Image Consultant

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As a very young girl and all the way through my teens,  I was a huge lover of fashion, but to me it was more than just fashion. I was interested in why people wore the clothes they wore. I found it to be so interesting that some people truly cared about how they looked, whereas others were very carefree and nonchalant about their appearance. 

I struggled through my teen and college years trying to decide what I should be when I "grew up". Everyone would ask "What are you interested in?" Well, I was interested in shoes, clothes, and shopping! Everyone would laugh and say "no, really!" 

I decided I wanted to wear cute skirts and suits like the executive women I knew. Although I had no interest in the financial world, that is where I ended up, and I got to wear my great suits and feel fantastic and confident every day. I became the part of the executive because I felt the part! Fifteen years later, I ended my career in finance, abandoning my cute suits, to become a full time mom.

A few years later, as the mother of two young children, I was loving wearing all my trendy stay-at-home clothes. No sweatpants for this mom! All the other moms would ask me "Why are you so dressed up?" and I’d say "Because it makes me feel good about myself!" 

I then decided, after many years of taking my friends and colleagues shopping, that I was going to make a business out of this, as helping people feel confident about their look is truly my passion. I went back to school to get my certification and I learned a tremendous amount about the psychology behind the clothes we wear and how clothing can be used as a resource to help us achieve our goals. I learned that the moment we meet someone, they begin to subconsciously assess whether they want to get to know us or not based on our appearance.

After I graduated from Sterling Style Academy in New York City, I launched Laura Rubeli Image Consulting. I’ve been featured on Lifetime’s The Balancing Act and have a quarterly column in Las Vegas Woman magazine. I also recently had the pleasure of doing a radio show with Raven Blair Davis on I’d love for you to tune in! 

Please visit my website I would love to hear from you! 


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