An Unexpected Writing Career

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Six years ago I had no thought of ever doing anything artistic beyond the occasional oil painting I’d dabbled at. I’ve always been an avid reader, but brushed aside the suggestions by friends that I should try my hand at writing. Although I’d excelled in English in school, I didn’t see myself as having enough of a creative mind for fiction, and didn’t believe a personal memoir would hold an interest for readers, so I ignored the suggestions.

Until one day a little over five years ago when my entire life changed. I was at an evening church service and went forward at the end for prayer. The visiting pastor (who didn’t know me at all) prayed for me, then said something that surprised me. “I believe the Lord just showed me that you’re supposed to be writing. I don’t know what form or genre, but whatever it is, I believe it needs to be published.”

I took that home and prayed about it, and discussed it with trusted family and friends, who all agreed I should consider it.

That admonition led me to a new adventure that has totally changed my life. I went from writing my spiritual memoir (which I’ve done nothing with at this point), to having several non-fiction magazine articles published, to writing a Christian fiction novel.

Eighteen months after the pastor’s encouraging word, my debut novel was released with Kregel Publications, a well respected publisher in the Christian market. Since then I’ve had three more books release, and a fifth book is due out Feb. 1st, 2011, with Summerside Press. Imagine my amazement now, when I stand in WalMart or Borders Book Stores, and see my name on the front cover of a book! I spent years browsing stores for my favorite authors, and now I get letters from people who are reading my books, and being blessed.

I’ve grown and changed in ways I’d never thought possible. My mind (that I didn’t believe could ever be this creative) runs in complete new channels now, and I’ve made friends in the publishing industry that I’ll have for a lifetime.

I’m so blessed that God brought that pastor into my life, and that he was obedient to speak a word he believed he’d heard, and share it with me. I’m excited to see what the future might hold….and all of this adventure came shortly after I turned fifty. So you see, it’s never too late to stretch your wings, master a new talent or hobby, or try something you’ve never attempted before. Don’t be afraid to try…don’t be afraid to fail. Keep pushing forward and your dreams can come true!

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