We Were Spotted in the Pen

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Spotted in the Pen
Photograph: A.M Ambrose Jr.

     I lost my best friend when my daughter left for college .  The house seemed empty because her presence lit a room and put a sparkle in every day.  All seemed gone except for her big Paint horse, Spotted in the Pen.  Before college our weekends were spent traveling the show circuit.  There was much preparation in getting ready for a show.  Equipment needs to be loaded and the horse acquainted with new grounds then groomed to perfection.  Leaving Friday and returning Sunday filled the weekends.  Now I was left with a lot of time and a horse.  We couldn’t part with Rich, too, so I began riding him.  I had always loved horses and thought riding would not be a problem.  I became acquainted with Rich as a rider rather than a caretaker.  I felt confident I would gain the same success that he had known before.  To my surprise there was much more to winning than just riding a special horse.  My ability as a rider needed to improve and I had to build my stamina to get around the arena.  We tried our fate at local shows and to my disappointment we had a long way to go.  I started working with a trainer, practicing every night and felt like "things" were clicking.  It was time to try the big time, a show for national points.  I set out by myself driving the "big rig" a dually truck with trailer.  My time had arrived, "First Place, Spotted in the Pen".  What made this win at 55 especially sweet was all the hard work and the fact that my class consisted of some riders in their twenties.  This past year we won end of the year Grand Champion Novice Amateur Hunter Under Saddle.  What’s next, the World Show?

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