Who's the Rebel Now?: Mothers and Daughters

Rock-star ambitions? Tattoos? Are these young women out of control? Nope. In these pairings, it’s mom who’s breaking all the rules.

By Lynn Schnurnberger

Wild Woman vs. Mild Child

Jamie Zuckor Olarte, 28, sales executive "For her 50th birthday, my mother decided that she wanted to do something memorable. So off we went to get matching tattoos. Every time she visits me, she turns 21 again. We go out drinking with my friends — and she’s the one who gets hit on by guys my age. She’s very easygoing, so I’ve always been able to talk to her. Most of my friends don’t have that kind of relationship with their mothers, so it has not only made me appreciative but open-minded."

Susan Dale Zuckor, 53, owner of a consulting business "My husband thought I was nuts when I got the tattoo, but it’s my little badge of courage. Besides, it was a great bonding experience to have with Jamie. I’ve always stressed how important it is to be open with each other, since I have the opposite relationship with my mother. Jamie is also an overachiever, so she needs a little fun in her life. Sure, I have friends with whom I can act out, but there aren’t too many of them. With Jamie, I can do anything."

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