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Running for the Freedom of India

Working with a large pharmaceutical company and enjoying life in my quaint lake community outside Manhattan, I had little time to think about social justice. Funny thing about reinvention, it comes in many forms. Sometimes we reinvent because of boredom, sometimes crisis, and sometimes as a result of relocation. Such was the case when my husband was relocated to California.
    As an “empty nester,” it seemed the perfect time to reinvent myself. My love for fitness and personal mantra —Empowering Women To See Themselves Valuable And Essential To Mankind — lead me to start a community Pilates class. When over 200 women showed up to our first class, I knew these Orange County ladies were ready to make some personal life changes. Week after week more and more came. I began to coach them on their personal worth, their responsibility to their bodies, and their choices to make a difference in this world. Before long we were setting new challenges and class goals. A 5K was now on the horizon. But I wanted to do more than meet a goal; I wanted to empower these women.
     I had begun volunteering for a non-profit organization building schools for the (Dalit) “outcaste” children of India who are not afforded the opportunity to receive an education but instead often are sold into human trafficking. I shared that we had the resources to make a difference in the lives of women and children around the world. The seed was planted, and the idea flourished. Four years and thousands of lives later, my opportunity for reinvention has not only changed me but the face of India. I now serve on the newly formed board of DC4J, a non-profit organization raising awareness and finances for the Dalit of India.
     Reinvention starts with a choice and turns into an action.

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