You Can Dream Big. I Did!

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Believe you can live your dream, we are!

       Shocking! The audacity to think that I could save the world one handicap child at a time. The first step in fulfilling my dream came with writing a book about my Deaf son, Chas. I wanted everyone to see how normal he really was and to value him the way I did. It was surprising to find how many families were living with the same frustrations. Had America forgotten about our handicap children? Many would point, talk behind his back, or worse, ignore him. I wrote the book, “The Boy With Magic Ears” to educate our children so they would grow up with a knowledge and appreciation for all people. I was encouraged by friends to write more books about their children with other handicaps. 

I could see there was a need to be filled and used the proceeds of my book to start All Kids Matter, an organization that advocates for all children, educates the public and helps disabled young people reach their goals and dreams. All Kids Matter, a non-profit organization, was born in 2009. The calls came flooding in. Many want to help our kids but do not know how. I have the experience to assist families because of my son and his journey. Chas is now in college. I want to help other families see their children reach their goals and dreams. I want America to see these kids for who they are and not as their disabilities. 

My goal is to make All Kids Matter a nationwide non-profit. Far from my current job as a hairstylist and platform artist. I want our country to value all kids including those that are born special. I need help to make this dream a reality. Please help me show America that All Kids Matter.

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